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Team Members

Ranferi Mundo

Mundo is the gentle giant. He specializes in drywall hanging, tape and float, texture, interior and exterior painting, and patch work.

Guillermo Echevarria

A master of many trades. He has over 20 years' experience in the construction field and can handle any project with great confidence. He also runs the landscaping division.

Angel Mendoza

Angel is a licensed electrician who also specializes in fence repairs, complete fencing jobs, framing and decking, and siding.

PJ Babineaux

PJ went from the boss's personal assistant to now assisting all of our leads in the field. PJ is a fast learner and patient when he is working.

Fabian Tellez

Fabian is our lead fence guy. He is hard working; providing clients with an assortment of fencing to fit our client's needs.

Rojelio Reyna

Rojelio specializes in all carpeting and wood flooring work. He is a diligent worker that transforms clients carpeting and wood flooring to their liking.

Olbin Perez

Olbin has been working since he was 15 years old. He quickly learned all the tricks of the trade to advance himself amongst the rest. He also was there from the start when building our company.

Roberto Perez

Roberto assists Olbin on most to all jobs. No questions asked, he is a hard worker that does most of the jobs no one else wants to do.

Julian Gamez

Julian started out as the boss's personal assistant and an assistant to some of the lead guys. He quickly advanced up the ladder learning and picking things up with ease. He also runs the pressure washing division.

Pete Hernandez

Pete is our lead painter. He focuses majority on our interior projects. In particular, his amazing work on cabinetry.

Ismael Chavez

Ismael does all of our concrete work. He works with clients to provide concrete repairs, replacements, driveways, and sidewalks.

Jesus Martinez

Jesus is our lead plumber. He is responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining pipes, valves, fittings, drainage systems, and fixtures for our clients.

Meet the Team

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